Eco One Electrolyzed Water System


This is the device we use in the clinic to sanitize without using any harsh chemicals. Utilize this in your home to eliminate cleaning toxins that get in the way of healing.


Experience the future of sustainable cleaning and disinfection with the Eco One Electrolyzed Water System. Harness the power of nature to create powerful yet eco-friendly solutions. Explore the future of cleaning today!

ULTIMATE MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER – With our hypochlorous acid generator, you can create the ultimate multipurpose cleaner using just salt, water, and electricity. Say goodbye to the need for purchasing expensive tablets or capsules. In just a matter of minutes, you can generate 1 liter of highly effective HOCL.

UNIQUE MISTER INCLUDED – Our product includes a unique hocl hypochlorous mister. This innovative hypochlorous mist delivers a fine mist without the use of harmful propellants. It provides metered doses and ensures precise application without dripping. Additionally, it is designed to be reusable and refillable, which helps address environmental concerns.

CHLORINE & pH TEST PAPERS INCLUDED – Our system includes Chlorine and pH Test Papers for your convenience. These test papers are important tools for accurately measuring and monitoring the chlorine concentration and the pH levels.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS – This hypochlorous acid machine has many uses for effective cleaning. It can be used with hypochlorous acid mist bottles, fogging mister, and electrostatic mister. With these versatile cleaning supplies, you can easily and efficiently clean different surfaces. It is perfect for large rooms or areas that need extensive cleaning.

WHAT’S INCLUDED – When you buy this hocl surface cleaner, you’ll get everything you need to begin. The package includes the hypochlorite maker, a power adapter for easy power supply, a 1-gram measuring spoon, and a detailed user manual. As an added bonus, a sample of potassium carbonate is included for making a degreasing cleaner if desired.

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