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This genetic test is ideal for those considering using THC or CBD. This test can provide insights on how you respond to products containing higher ratios of CBD or THC, and also learn about your own genetic response to certain THC or CBC products.


Discover your Wellness Potential!

The MaxCannabinoid panel evaluates genes associated with emotional and physical responses to cannabis use. Not everyone responds the same to cannabis. Some individuals are more likely to experience adverse side effects, longer-lasting effects, and even brain growth disturbances with cannabis use.

Specifically, this test provides customized results that indicate which cannabis strains are most compatible with your profile. DNA testing identifies genetic markers that indicate how your body will react to a single cannabis product or a combination of cannabis products. Learn your genetic response to specific THC or CBC products in order to have fewer average experiences.

In this report, you will see how the issues listed below are affected by cannabis use.

  • THC metabolism
  • Chances of psychosis or paranoia
  • Memory or attention
  • Dependence risk
  • Anxiety
  • Focus
  • Depression
  • Happiness
  • Motor control
  • Brain size changes
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep response
  • Cravings
  • Withdrawal
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Pain tolerance

Who should be tested

The MaxCannabinoid Panel is ideal for those considering using THC or CBD-based products. This test can reveal whether you would respond favorably to CBD or THC products.

What’s Included

The testing kit includes the following:

  1. Sterile Buccal Swab
  2. Return vial with a non-toxic preservative to ensure the quality of DNA during transit.
  3. Pre-Paid return label to ship your sample back.
  4. Detailed instruction Sheet


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