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The MaxFood Panel looks at how you process certain foods, your eating behaviors, intolerance and risks based on your unique genes. It is designed to help you find the most effective path to attain your health goals through food.


Take control of your diet like never before!

With a simple and non-invasive cheek swab, you will understand key influencers that help determine the best diet and wellness program for your genetic make-up.

Many genes influence how we respond to different foods and diet recommendations. From weight loss to digestive issues, your genes hold the key to optimal health through diet and nutrition. You will receive an easy-to-read, detailed 15-page report that will help you on your journey to a new you.

This report looks at the following areas of concern:

  • Fat & Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Eating Behaviors
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Blood Sugar & Cardiovascular Markers
  • Obesity & Weight Loss Markers
  • Weight loss Strategies

Who should be tested

The recommendations in the MaxFood Panel are designed to help support genetic tendencies associated with food intolerances, obesity, digestive issues, weight loss, potential vitamin needs, and optimizing fat and carbohydrate intake.

The MaxFood is a great starting point for anyone who wants to optimize their diet and eating behaviors. From reports of people losing up to 150 pounds to even body builders reporting improved fat loss in responses to exercise, the recommendations are easy to understand and effective.

For a more thorough evaluation, we highly recommend ordering TheWorks! panel to include more advanced recommendations.

All MaxGen Labs reports are designed to safely recommend custom diet, vitamin supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. They do not diagnose or treat disease; however, the recommendations have helped thousands of people improve their health with many reporting significant improvements in certain conditions. Please discuss any changes with you make with your Physician.

Genes that are tested

These are associated with the following genes:

  • FABP2 Ala54Thr
  • KCTD10
  • PLIN
  • LIPC
  • APOA2
  • FUT2
  • MTHFR C677T
  • MTHFR A1298C
  • BCMO1
  • NBPF3
  • SLC23A1
  • GC
  • CCR3
  • HLA-DQ2.5
  • IL21
  • MYO9B
  • MCM6
  • FTO
  • MC4R
  • ANKK1/DRD2
  • LEPR
  • NMB
  • TAS2R38
  • ADRB3
  • ITGB2
  • BCAA
  • ACSL5
  • ADRA2A
  • IRS1
  • ADRB2
  • FADS1
  • LPL

What’s included

The testing kit includes the following:

  1. Sterile Buccal Swab
  2. Return vial with a non-toxic preservative to ensure the quality of DNA during transit.
  3. Pre-Paid return label to ship your sample back.
  4. Detailed instruction Sheet


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